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If you feel like you’ve fallen victim to an investment scam, or have otherwise been defrauded, then it might be time to speak with a legal professional about your issue. You need an attorney to defend your rights, and protect your property and money. Securities fraud is a complex legal topic that is best handled by a legal team that specializes in cases that fall at the intersection of finance and law. At Scannellaw, we specialize in securities fraud related cases. If you feel like you are being treated against the unfairly, or that a financial institution or brokerage may be taking advantage of you, contact Scannellaw for help today!


To protect your assets, finances, and to defend your rights.


Our team will work directly with you to obtain the necessary documents and forms required. As your securities fraud attorney, Scannellaw will interact with your the other party immediately to try to protect your assets and finances.

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Legal issues that are related to business are scarcely ever simple.

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If you’re facing a legal battle pertaining to legal malpractice, you don’t have to go it alone.

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Unfortunately, as technology advances, so do the skills of those who commit fraudulent crimes.


Our litigation firm is ready to go to bat for you, which means you have attorneys who care on your side.


All too often, homeowners find themselves unable to continue to pay their monthly mortgage.

Securities Fraud

If you feel like you’ve fallen victim to an investment scam, or have otherwise been defrauded, it’s time to speak out.

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When facing real estate disputes, it’s important that you obtain legal representation to protect your interests.

Our law firm often serves our clients in a consulting role and strives to provide them with advice and other resources needed to make the right business decisions moving forward. We help with incorporation and represent corporations. Our attorney also strives to assist clients in overcoming disputes, but when those disagreements can’t be resolved outside of court, we’ll do our best to take the steps necessary to achieve a resolution.

When it comes to contractual disputes and other matters of business, consult with a lawyer and get the facts before making important decisions. The law firm of Terry Scannell represents clients throughout Portland and the surrounding areas, and we’d welcome the chance to serve you.

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