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Collection agencies may attempt to demean you, hinder your lifestyle, and harass you or your family with phone calls to get you to comply. You may have suffered an injury or bodily harm resulting from using an unsafe product or from a product that was mislabeled. No matter what bind you find yourself in, you deserve to be treated with respect.

At Terry Scannell, we aim to keep our clients informed of consumer protection laws in Portland, OR. Taking federal and state laws into consideration, our team strives to deliver the legal assistance and emotional relief you need to keep moving forward. If you’ve been the victim of debt collection harassment or abuse, misinformation, or suffered an injury from an unsafe product, you may be entitled to compensation.  Contact our firm to speak with one of our capable attorneys and determine your best defense option.

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There are legal and illegal ways to collect payments from consumers. Unfortunately, many companies choose the latter when it comes to handling these matters. If you’ve been the victim of  debt harassment or abuse, turn to a team of legal representatives prepared to fight for you. Share with us your situation and we’ll let you know where your rights as a consumer may have been violated. Leveraging our immense knowledge of consumer rights laws, we’re prepared to build a case in your defense to see that consumer justice is done.

Closing CTA: Contact our dedicated law offices to understand where your rights may have been violated and build a case that exemplifies undue damages. We proudly serve clients in Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas.

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Aiming you with knowledge of consumer protection laws.


Unfortunately, as technology advances, so do the skills of those who commit fraudulent crimes.


Our litigation firm is ready to go to bat for you, which means you have attorneys who care on your side.


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Our law firm often serves our clients in a consulting role and strives to provide them with advice and other resources needed to make the right business decisions moving forward. We help with incorporation and represent corporations. Our attorney also strives to assist clients in overcoming disputes, but when those disagreements can’t be resolved outside of court, we’ll do our best to take the steps necessary to achieve a resolution.

When it comes to contractual disputes and other matters of business, consult with a lawyer and get the facts before making important decisions. The law firm of Terry Scannell represents clients throughout Portland and the surrounding areas, and we’d welcome the chance to serve you.

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